FAQs About Breast Reduction

The Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles is a premiere private breast reduction center in Beverly Hills dedicated to providing women with top quality care and the most cutting-edge options in breast reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Reduction Sugery

Will my insurance cover breast reduction?

Most major insurance companies provide insurance coverage for breast reduction, but there are several factors that must be looked at in order to determine whether you are eligible for coverage. Read more »

How do I find out about my insurance providers requirements?

We work routinely with most major insurance providers. Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles is also Medicare Certified. We have insurance experts on staff to help you get approved through the insurance process. Simply call us at (424) 202-3743 or fill out our insurance verification form and a one of our insurance experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

How much does breast reduction cost if I don't have insurance?

There are typically three items that you will need to pay for as part of your surgery. The cost for breast reduction will vary depending upon procedure but you will receive a quote at your initial consultation so there are never any hidden surprises. The costs involved with your procedure are:

Surgical Fee — This is the fee paid to the doctor for performing your surgery. This will be a set fee depending upon the type of breast reduction surgery you require.

Facility Fee — This is the fee paid to Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles for the operating room and materials. This is a set fee.

Anesthesia — The anesthesia fee varies depending on the length of your surgery.

How do I know if I'm a candidate for breast reduction?

If you are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms or conditions you may be considered a good candidate for reduction mammoplasty:

  • Breasts that are too large in proportion to one's body size
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain caused by heavy breasts
  • Grooves in shoulders caused by tight bra straps
  • Poor posture due to breast size
  • Heavy breasts that droop significantly, with downward pointing nipples and areolas
  • Breasts that are not equal in size (one significantly larger than the other)
  • Trouble sleeping due to breast discomfort when lying down
  • Rashes and/or infection affecting the skin trapped beneath one's breasts
  • Inability to participate in athletic/physical activities due to breast size
  • Feelings of self-consciousness regarding breast size

If you regularly experience one or more of these symptoms, a breast reduction procedure may bring you tremendous relief. Read more »

Will I have scars after my breast reduction surgery?

All methods of breast reduction require some sort of incision and unfortunately incisions mean scarring. There are methods available which leave shorter or less visible scars but not all woman qualify to receive these procedures. The size of your breasts and amount of reduction necessary will determine the procedure that is best suited to you. Read more about breast reduction procedures.

Is there such thing as scarless breast reduction?

Today there are newer methods in the field of breast reduction and lift which are advertised or hyped as "scarless breast reduction." While such a procedure sounds nice, this is unfortunately just not possible. The fact is that all breast reduction methods require incision of the breasts and incisions result in scars. There are, however, techniques that can be used to keep scarring to a minimum or ensure that scars are located where they are less likely to be seen. Read more about reduced-scarring techniques.

How do I know what my reduced breasts will look like?

Here at the Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles we use the state-of-the-art Vectra 3D Imaging System. This cutting-edge imaging technology makes it possible for our doctors to show patients a preview of their new, proportional and ideally-shaped breasts before their breast reduction surgery begins. Read more »

You can also view our Breast Reduction Before & After Gallery to see the results we've attained on others.

Is it possible to receive a breast lift with breast reduction?

Some plastic surgeons or breast reduction specialists promote breast lift as a procedure which can be done in addition to or in tandem with a breast reduction. This is usually just marketing language used to make their services sound more desirable. The truth of the matter is that a proper breast reduction is by nature the same as a breast lift. The primary difference between the two procedures is that a breast reduction involves the removal of tissue. Read more about breast reduction and lifts »

Does liposuction work as a method breast reduction?

You may have heard of plastic surgeons advertising liposuction alone as a method of breast reduction. While it is true that liposuction can be used for breast reduction, the fact is that very few women meet the criteria necessary to achieve optimal results from this method. Read more »

Which method of breast reduction is best?

There are many methods of breast reduction. Each technique is suited to different types of patient and desired outcomes. We like to tell our patients that their focus should be upon working with their surgeon to determine which technique is best suited to them.

Our highly trained and experienced surgeons will be able to rapidly determine which method is best suited to you. We will also take the time to educate you on the selected method so that you understand why it has been chosen and feel comfortable with it.

Are there any risks or potential complications associated with breast reduction surgery?

It is important to understand that any surgical procedure presents some level of risk. In the case of breast surgery, there are rare cases in which patients experience such things as complete loss of sensation in the nipples or breasts or lose the ability to breastfeed. You surgeon will discuss the subject of risk and potential complications with you in detail prior to your breast reduction surgery. You can greatly assist in lowering your risk for complications by closely following any instructions they give.

Will I still be able to breastfeed?

In most cases it is possible to preserve the lactating functions of the breast but this can not be guaranteed. When you choose to undergo breast reduction surgery, you must be aware of this risk. In those rare cases which require complete nipple detachment (free nipple graft) breast function is guaranteed to be lost. Your surgeon will inform you in advance whether this method will be required in your surgery.

What is the age requirement for breast reduction surgery?

While breast reduction may be performed at any age, our surgeons generally recommend waiting until one's breasts are fully developed. In the event that a breast reduction must be done before a patient's breasts have fully developed the patient must understand that there is a possibility that of needing a second reduction surgery later in life. Our surgeons also recommend waiting until after you have had children, as the processes of child birth and breastfeeding can cause unpredictable changes in the size and shape of your breasts.

Where will my surgery be performed?

The Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles is an outpatient surgery center. Your surgery will take place right here in one of our state-of-the-art operating rooms, under the care of expert and caring staff.

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