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The Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles is a premiere private breast reduction center in Beverly Hills dedicated to providing women with top quality care and the most cutting-edge options in breast reduction.

Delivering World-Class Care in a Private Breast Reduction Center

If you are considering breast reduction, you want care that is truly private, in a breast reduction center that delivers personalized patient care. We believe in fostering real relationships between patients, doctors, nurses and staff. When you come to the Breast Reduction Center in Beverly Hills, you can rest assured that you will receive care of the highest possible quality in a safe, nurturing and relaxed environment.

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About the Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles

The Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles is a premiere private breast reduction surgery center in Beverly Hills, California. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care and the most cutting-edge surgical treatments available, in a unique and private setting. Our patients receive care of the highest quality, without having to endure the large-scale inconveniences, parking, paperwork and overall impersonal experience typically involved with visiting a hospital.

Expert Breast Reduction Surgeons

We are committed to upholding the highest standard of care for our patients. That's why we have assembled a team of breast reduction surgeons and doctors led by some of the most well respected plastic surgeons in the country. Our board certified surgeons have earned degrees from some of the top medical schools in the country and have decades of experience helping women with breast reduction surgeries and other surgical breast care procedures. With the care of highly experienced, industry-leading breast surgeons, our patients receive the finest breast reduction Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have to offer.

"I'm so glad I went to the Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles for my breast reduction. All the doctors and staff were so professional and friendly! They helped me with every single thing I needed, including my insurance. My boobs look amazing and my self confidence has soared!" - R. D.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles is one of the most technologically advanced surgery facilities in the field of plastic surgery.

We are committed to providing our patients with the utmost in comfort and quality care. We realize that keeping this commitment means constantly staying ahead of the curve in our field of practice and utilizing modern day science and technology to the fullest. That's why everything about our breast reduction center, from the equipment used in our operating rooms, to the surgical methods we use, to the training our staff receive is 100% state-of-the-art.

Compare the Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles to a similar treatment in a hospital.

Hospital Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles
A single doctor is consulted about your breast reduction surgery, and recommends the procedure he or she is most comfortable doing. A team of diverse surgeons helps you determine your best surgical option, explaining fully what you need and can expect.
You wait in a large waiting room until it is your turn to get ready for surgery. Your breast reduction surgery is planned based on your schedule, and you are prep’d for surgery when you arrive.
You are told to get to the hospital well before your scheduled time for surgery, because you will need to fill out a lot of paperwork. Your paperwork is handled easily and quickly before you arrive, and you receive any help needed with your breast reduction insurance coverage before comeing for surgery.
You notice that there are quite a few sick people in the waiting area. Any waiting that you or your family experience is in a pleasant, private lounge.
You discuss your breast reduction surgery with your surgeon and anesthesiologist. You discuss your breast reduction surgery with your surgeon and anesthesiologist.
You wait while the operating room is prepared for you. You are taken to the operating room as soon as you and the surgeon are ready.
Your breast reduction surgery is performed by your surgeon. Your breast reduction surgery is expertly performed by your surgeon. If your surgery is complicated, you may have a team of surgeons performing it.
Your family and friends wait in a large hospital waiting room. There could be a television and magazines, but there won’t be Wifi. Your family and friends wait in our comfortable, private lounge, with cable television, coffee and free Wifi. If they prefer, they can relax outdoors in our charming courtyard.
If your family and friends get hungry, they might visit the hospital cafeteria. If your family is hungry, they can visit one of the many near-by Beverly Hills restaurants, or have something delivered.
You recover in a large recovery area. Other sick and surgical patients recover near you. You recover in a private recovery area. When you are awake, your family can be with you.
After more paperwork, you are released to the care of your family or another adult caregiver. If no one is able to care for you overnight, you’ll be admitted to the hospital. You and your family or caregiver are given clear post-operative instructions. If you came alone, we’ll arrange for you to go to a comfortable and private extended-care facility overnight.
You’ll enter and leave the hospital by going through large public areas. If you wish, you can use the completely private entrance to our facility to come and go without public notice.

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