Vectra 3D For Breast Reduction

Preview your breast reduction surgery results with state-of-the-art Vectra 3D imaging technology.

Preview the New You With the Vectra 3D Imaging System

When considering breast reduction surgery it is not unusual to have some concern over how your reduced bust will look and how it will fit your body.

Here at the Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles, we believe that each patient should be able to work with their breast reduction surgeon to design their ideal look and then have a way see what their results will look like.

That's why we use the state-of-the-art Vectra 3-D Imaging System. Using cutting-edge imaging technology, the Vectra system makes it possible for our doctors to show patients a preview of their new, proportional and ideally-shaped breasts before their breast reduction surgery begins.

When you come in to the center for your initial consultation, one of our friendly doctors will show you the Vectra 3D system and explain how it works. They will then use the Vectra to take a super hi-resolution photo of you. This image will then be uploaded to a computer, where you and your doctor will be able to digitally alter it and simulate the results of your surgery. Your doctor will be able to program the Vectra to preview to show you several different size options from all different angles.

Step 1: Take a 3D Picture

When visiting your doctor, your experience begins with a VECTRA 3D picture session in the doctor's office. This creates the starting point for your aesthetic consultation.

Step 2: Sculpt Your Dream

Using special simulation software with your 3D picture, your doctor will show you the possible results of the aesthetic procedures you may choose to have. You will be able to experiment with different looks until you find the one you want.

Step 3: See the Result

Once you have decided on the appearance you want, this simulation will provide a basis for your surgical plan. Because you have already seen the result, you can be confident in the outcome of the procedure.

Using Vectra 3D to preview other procedures

When applicable we will recommend that patients undergo additional procedures that will help to augment and help to make the results of their breast reduction more natural. One example of such a procedure would be breast reduction with liposuction to remove excess fat tissue around the breasts. When removing a significant amount of tissue form the breasts it usually a very good idea to also remove tissue from under the armpit, the upper back and atop the ribs. By slimming down the upper body in this way the breasts continue to look full even in their new smaller size.

The Vectra 3D system can also be used to plan and preview procedures of this kind so that you can move forward with confidence and know that you results will look beautiful and natural.

"Being able to use the Vectra 3d for my breast reduction surgery helped give me the confidence to make decisions about my surgery. Kind of like getting a glimpse into the future look of my breasts. It's actually quite amazing. And the end results were almost spot on with the Vectra 3d image. I recommend using the Vectra 3d system for anyone looking for any type of breast surgery." - T.V.

The patient/surgeon planning tool

The Vectra 3D System is an incredible planning and communication tool. It allows you to better relay your vision, understand and evaluate your surgeon's recommendations and rest easy knowing that you results will be just how envisioned them.

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