Pedicle Breast Reduction Methods

What are the pedicle methods of breast reduction? Find out more about these common breast reduction techniques and whether they are right for you.

Pedicle Breast Reduction Methods

Breast reduction almost always requires repositioning of the nipple. Once your breasts have been resized with the necessary tissue removed, your nipples must be raised up to their new proper location. This can be done without cutting off blood flow and nerve connection to the nipple and without severing milk ducts.

In researching breast reduction surgery methods you are likely to come across the term "pedicle." This term is used to refer to the various methods of breast reduction that are used to maintain nipple connection while tissue is removed and the nipple-areola complex is repositioned. There are several different pedicle methods of breast reduction. Each of these methods utilizes a different incision pattern resulting in different shapes and sizes of scarring. The pedicle breast reduction methods are sometimes also used in conjunction with one the common incision patterns, discussed on the procedure pages of this website.

Each of these breast reduction methods is designed to aesthetically reduce the size of your breasts while improving contour and preserving function. Whichever method you and your breast reduction surgeon select, here at the Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles you can expect to receive excellent results.

Pedicle Breast Reduction Before and After

Pedicle Breast Reduction Before and After

Patient age: 18, from San Diego. Complained of back pain and shoulder grooving from her bra straps. Procedure performed was pedicle breast reduction.

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Inferior Pedicle Breast Reduction Method

The inferior pedicle breast reduction method is one of the most common techniques used in breast reduction surgeries. In this method blood supply and nerve connection are maintained by keeping the nipple and areola connected to the tissue in the lower portion of the breast, while it is repositioned. This method poses a low risk of losing sensation in the nipple and gives women a positive chance at still being able to breast feed, once their breasts have healed.

This method is popular breast reduction procedure because it produces predictable results and can be used on a wide range of breast sizes with low risk of complication.

"I just love the results I got from my breast reduction! Everyone was so kind and wonderful. My breast reduction surgery went perfect as expected, and the because of how thorough they were there were now surprises in the results. My breasts are perfect. Much thanks to the team at Breast Reduction Center Los Angeles!" - D. S.

Superior Pedicle Breast Reduction Method

The word "superior" in superior pedicle breast reduction method does not relate to the quality of the procedure. It is really just a fancy way of saying "upper." In this method blood supply and nerve connectivity by leaving the nipple/areola attached to the tissue in the upper portion of the breast. This method also presents good potential for preserving sensation and full breast function.

In some cases the superior pedicle method is best for producing a breast with the ideal projection (perkiness) because it preserves the upper portion of the breast and removes the lower hanging tissue on the lower half of the breast. Find out from one of our surgeons if this method is correct for you.

Free Nipple Graft

Although very rare, there are some breast reduction cases in which a woman's breasts are so large that it is not possible to relocate the nipple areola complex without completely detaching it from its current location. It is then sutured into the ideal location.This is method, called a free nipple graft, requires that the patient be willing to sacrifice nipple sensation, and the ability to breastfeed.

Pedicle Breast Reduction with Body Sculpting Liposuction

Depending upon your body type, your surgeon may recommend body liposuction at the time of your breast reduction.

For women who plan to have a significant amount of tissue removed from their breasts it a good idea to also remove excess fat tissue from under the armpit, the upper back and atop the ribs. Slimming down the upper body helps to keep your breasts looking full and natural, even in their reduced state.

Most women who undergo breast reduction do so in order to address physical difficulties but there are cosmetic gains to be had as well and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of this. By combining liposuction with your breast reduction surgery you can enhance and lift your breasts while slimming your frame for an overall beautiful result.

Choosing if the pedicle breast reduction method is right for you

There are many methods of breast reduction but there may only be one or two that are suitable options for you, your physical situation and your goals. Choosing the right method of breast reduction is really about choosing the right surgeon.

Our highly trained and experienced surgeons will be able to rapidly determine which method is best suited to you. We will also take the time to educate you on the selected method so that you understand why it has been chosen and feel comfortable with it.

Our individual approach

There are many plastic surgeons who standardly use the same method of breast reduction on all their patients. This kind of one-size-fits-all approach, simply does not offer the best possible outcome for each patient's individual situation. Since our surgeon are well versed in multiple methods of breast reduction they are able select the technique to be used on a patient-by-patient basis. We believe in doing whatever it takes to give our patients the best possible breast reduction results in Los Angeles. This starts by selecting the procedure that truly suites them.

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