Scarless Breast Reduction

Is it possible to undergo breast reduction with no scarring? Learn the truth about the scarless breast reduction surgery.

Scarless Breast Reduction

Today there are newer methods in the field of breast lift and breast reduction which are advertised or hyped "scarless." While such a procedure would be wonderful it is unfortunately just not possible. The fact is that all breast reduction methods require an incision and incisions result in scars. There are, however, techniques that can be used to keep scarring to a minimum or ensure that scars are located where they are less likely to be seen.

Reduced-scar breast reduction technique

Our top Los Angeles breast reduction surgeons are responsible for developing some of the most innovative techniques used in breast reduction today. One such example is the Reduced-Scar Breast Reduction technique.

This revolutionary method takes a whole new approach to the way breast reduction surgeries are performed. Instead of relying upon the skin to hold up the breast, as in traditional breast reduction procedures, the patient's tissue is completely remodeled to create an internal bra within the breast. This ensures that the breast sits up in a higher without putting strain or depending upon the skin to hold it up.

The nipple and areola are never disconnected from the breast tissue during this procedure, which greatly reduces any risk of losing sensation in the nipple and optimizes the possibility of being able to breastfeed in the future.

Once the new breast is formed, all excess skin is removed. The size scar depends on the quantity and quality of the patient's skin. Skin with good elasticity and without stretch marks will usually lead to minimally scarring.

This technique varies from traditional breast reduction surgery methods which often use a large anchor-shaped incision. This "anchor" incision goes around the nipple, down the breast and across the bottom seam of the breast, where it meets the chest. The scarring along the bottom of the breast is often the most noticeable and may visible when wearing a low V-neck or on the sides of the breast when wearing a bikini. Additionally, since this method relies upon the skin to hold up weight of the breast the final result is often a lower, saggier breast.

"I waited many years to get a reduction because I thought that I was going to have a scar after getting a breast reduction. I only wanted to go down about a size or so and because I didn't have any sagging, Dr. Killeen said I was perfect candidate for the scarless breast reduction procedure. She did an amazing job, my boobs look and feel fantastic and with no scars!" - E. H.

Breast Reduction with Body Sculpting Liposuction

Depending upon your body type, your surgeon may recommend body liposuction at the time of your reduced scar breast reduction.

For women who plan to have a significant amount of tissue removed from their breasts it a good idea to also remove excess fat tissue from under the armpit, the upper back and atop the ribs. Slimming down the upper body helps to keep your breasts looking full and natural, even in their reduced state.

Most women who undergo breast reduction do so in order to address physical difficulties but there are cosmetic gains to be had as well and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of this. By combining liposuction with breast reduction you can enhance and lift your breasts while slimming your frame for an overall beautiful result.

Choosing the breast reduction method that is right for you

There are many methods of breast reduction but there may only be one or two that are suitable options for you, your physical situation and your goals. Choosing the right method of breast reduction is really about choosing the right surgeon.

Our highly trained and experienced surgeons will be able to rapidly determine which method is best suited to you. We will also take the time to educate you on the selected method so that you understand why it has been chosen and feel comfortable with it.

Our individual approach

There are many plastic surgeons who standardly use the same method of breast reduction on all their patients. This kind of one-size-fits-all approach, simply does not offer the best possible outcome for each patient's individual situation. Since our surgeon are well versed in multiple methods of breast reduction they are able select the technique to be used on a patient-by-patient basis. We believe in doing whatever it takes to give our patients the best possible results. This starts by selecting the procedure that truly suites them.

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